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Payment / Payments

We provide modern and flexible payment solutions that are constantly being improved by our specialists. The end user can now easily select the preferred payment method on the checkout page. We offer payment via bank. Our technical capabilities allow us to choose a payment system that is convenient for you in a short time.

Make your business easier. We will help your clients pay for your services with ease. Use a credit card, e-wallets and other payment methods.

Speak the language of your client, work in his currency. All of our interfaces can be easily translated into any language.

A simple and flexible API will help you easily integrate Playbro into your business.

Risk Management

Playbro uses trusted technologies and operations to minimize business risks. We have installed a special identity verification system to ensure security. All online transactions and operations we carry out use SSL (Security Socket Layer) encryption. In addition, we use 3D security technology to process credit cards to keep you and your customers safe.

Back office

We provide our clients with a flexible tool with a powerful and interactive reporting system.

In the back office you will also find: easy-to-use checkout
payment manager and e-wallets.